Victure PC320 IP Security Camera. Perfect for keeping an eye on your motorbike

I bought this Victure IP security camera to enable me to keep an eye on my flat and my bike while I am away.

I have tried to set up wireless cameras before but have never had much luck with them. I saw this one on Amazon at an amazing price of under £30 so I thought that despite my previous failures that I would give it a go. Click here to see this on Amazon


The camera arrived quickly and everything you see in the photo is included. Right down to the Rawplugs and screws for the adjustable wall mount.It has a 720p resolution which is easily good enough to see your bike clearly in the garage or your dog tearing up the furniture.

The instruction book is pretty good for a Chinese item and setting up the camera was a breeze.  The camera is set up from the “eye cloud” app that you install on your phone which is very simple to use both for installing and using the camera.

It has a wide angle lens with infra red led’s that come on automatically after dark to allow you to view in total darkness. This combined with 355 degree horizontal and 85 degree vertical movement controlled from your phone covers pretty much everywhere. It has a built in microphone and speaker allowing you to hear what’s going on and talk through your camera to your dog, cat or intruder. 

You can add a memory card to allow the camera to record remotely and set up movement alarm notifications that will email you when movement is detected and show you the cause.

I was so pleased with this that I have since bought another one that was easily added to the app.

All in all this is a great camera to enable you to keep an eye on your two wheeled pride and joy or your pets while you are away. I highly recommend it.

Click here to see the price on Amazon

Screenshot of the camera image on my phone together with my GSXR 1000 , even if it is only 6 inches long!!

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