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Submitted by. Jon Halfhide 19th September 2018

To my fellow motorcyclists a word of warning!
When on Granddad duty for a month it would seem remiss, even neglectful and negligent, to perch your 4-year-old Granddaughter on the rear of a 1050 ST Sprint. So conforming to appropriate protocol the frustrations of becoming a temporary car motorist ensue. However, when stuck in traffic and bubbling with envy as motorcycles overtake and filter around you, it is unwise (with the little one strapped safely in the rear) to refer to another motorist as “a stupid hairy man.” This ill-judged remark can catch up with you when with said Granddaughter at the supermarket checkout and a gentleman with a beard joins the queue behind you!

Thanks Jon for your snippet.

This gave me an idea to run a free to enter “Bikes and Beards” Photo competition. First prize will be a beard grooming kit by “the Kings Beard”

To enter simply send us your “Bikes and Beards” Photos using the button below and add “Bikes and Beards comp” in the text box. The rules are that the photo must contain both at least a bike, or part of a bike and a beard.

Please nothing too dodgy either!

The photo we judge to be the best will win the prize and we will also have small prizes for second and third place.

Entries are free and the competition will run until 31/10/2018

If you can’t wait to win the beard kit you can buy it by “clicking here”

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